Dedicated Macro Lens Index

Dedicated Macro Lenses

Below is a cursory (for the time being) index of available dedicated macro lenses. As a Nikon shooter I have naturally made myself much more familiar with lenses either manufactured by Nikon or third-party that have been made in NAI mounts. Obviously, excellent lenses do exist outside the Nikon system (though I would contest Nikon definitely has some of the greats). Due to my financial status however, I haven't been able to explore other systems nearly as in depth as I would like to. I will say this list includes just about all of the best macro lenses any third party company has had to offer which does concern users of a number of different systems since you can typically find these lenses in any one of the more popular camera mounts. Also, it is often easier to adapt Nikon lenses to other SLR systems based on the longer flange distance. Consequently, even if you are not a Nikon user, the Nikons may yet be of value to you!

Essentially, I have begun this list from my knowledge of Nikon macros and related third-party lenses and will be expanding from there.

I have included links to the lenses which I have personally reviewed here at this site. My goal, is aimed more at the obscure macro lenses, especially those from the manual focus eras. I also don't have the funding to get into all the new autofocus least not just yet!

Many lenses have multiple versions released over the years. I do want to be sure to note this because I have run into this many times in looking at third party lenses especially. Often different models were manufactured by different companies. The quest to find this info however can be arduous. I have grouped lenses which I believe are the same optical design together, however if you have information that proves otherwise, by all means let me know! Also I have attempted to define some of the acronyms used by the various manufacturers to clear up some confusion between varying models. Often manufacturers tweak the design by adding a distance chip to allow for better matrix metering and thus constitutes a "new" model. However, to the average user, very little may change except finding info on the previous version becomes increasingly difficult because when searching the older lens, info the for "new" version floods the results.

Lens Nomenclature

I have provided most of the nomenclature to understand what each of these macro lenses is equipped with per each brand as well as links for more info. Here is an extensive list with many brands included.

Here are a couple pieces of nomenclature I have devised and will use in the following list:

* - Denotes lenses which may all be produced by the same manufacturer but are branded differently. Other possibilities include different manufacturers but the same optical formula.

[mv] - Denotes Multiple Versions. In many instances, cosmetics of a lens may change but the optical formula remains the same. In some cases I just haven't gotten to denoting the variations yet.

Last Updated 10/25/10

Manual Focus

CANON (FD-mount)

Canon FD 50mm f/3.5 macro
Canon FD 50mm f/3.5 S.C.C. macro
Canon FD 100mm f/4 macro
Canon FD 100mm f/4 S.C. macro
Canon FD 200mm f/4 macro

Canon 20mm f/2.8 macrophoto (bellows)
Canon 35mm f/2.8 macrophoto (bellows)

MINOLTA (SR-mount: SR, MC, MD)

Minolta MD Macro 50mm f/3.5
Minolta Macro Rokkor-QF 50mm f/3.5
Minolta MD Macro 100mm f/3.5 Rokkor-X
Minolta MD Macro 100mm f/4
Minolta MD Macro 100mm f/4 Rokkor-X

NIKON (F-mount: non-AI, AI, AIs)

Nikon Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 [mv - not all optically the same]
Nikon Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8
Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4 [mv]
Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8
Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4.5 UV/IR
Nikon Medical-Nikkor 120mm f/4 (built-in ringflash)
Nikon Medical-Nikkor 200mm f/5.6 (built-in ringflash)
Nikon Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4

Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4 (bellows)
Nikon Micro-Nikkor 135mm f/4 (bellows)

Below is a short list of a few of the more obscure macro lenses produced by Nikon. For a full list and write-ups see this website: . These, when they do show up on the used market typically fetch extremely high prices.

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm f/1.7
Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm f/1.8
Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2
Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm f/2.8
Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm f/4
Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 155mm f/4
Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 165mm f/4

OLYMPUS (OM-mount)

Olympus Auto-Macro Zuiko 50mm f/3.5
Olympus Auto-Macro Zuiko 50mm f/2
Olympus Auto-Macro Zuiko 90mm f/2

Olympus Auto-Macro Zuiko 20mm f/2 (bellows)
Olympus Auto-Macro Zuiko 20mm f/3.5 (bellows)
Olympus Auto-Macro Zuiko 135mm f/4.5 (bellows)

PENTAX (K-mount and M42)

Pentax-A 50mm f/2.8
Pentax-K 50mm f/4
Pentax-M 50mm f/4
Pentax-A 100mm f/4
Pentax-A 100mm f/4 Dental Version
Pentax-K 100mm f/4
Pentax-M 100mm f/4
Pentax-M 100mm f/4 Dental Version
Pentax-A* 200mm f/4 ED

Pentax-K 100mm f/4 (bellows)


Carl Zeiss ZE Makro-Planar T* 50mm f/2
Carl Zeiss ZE Makro-Planar T* 100mm f/2


Vivitar 28mm f/2.8 Close Focus

Sigma 50mm f/2.8

Volna-9 50mm f/2.8 MC

Soligor C/D 55mm f/2.8

Vivitar 55mm f/2.8
Rokunar 55mm 

Tamron Adaptall 90mm f/2.5 52B *
Tamron Adaptall 90mm f/2.5 52BB *

Tamron Adaptall 90mm f/2.5 72B

Vivitar 90mm f/2.5 1:1 MC **
Panagor 90mm f/2.5 1:1 PMC **
Rokunar 90mm f/2.5 1:1 **
Elicar V-HQ 90mm f/2.5 1:1 **
Soligor C/D 90mm f/2.5 MC **

Vivitar Series 1 90mm f/2.5 VMC "Bokina" ***
Tokina AT-X 90mm f/2.5 "Bokina" ***

Sigma 90mm f/2.8

Voigtlander SL 90mm  f/3.5 APO-Lanthar

Soligor C/D 100mm f/2.8

Cosina 100mm f/3.5 MF ****
Vivitar 100mm f/3.5 MF ****
Phoenix 100mm f/3.5 MF ****
Promaster 100mm f/3.5 MF ****

Vivitar Series 1 105mm f/2.5 *****
Vivitar 100mm f/2.8 *****
Kiron 105mm f/2.8 *****
Lester A. Dine 105mm f/2.8 *****
Rikenon 105mm f/2.8 *****

Voigtlander SL 125mm  f/2.5 APO-Lanthar

Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 Close Focus

Sigma 180mm f/5.6 1:2

Vivitar Series 1 90-180mm f/4.5 Flat Field

Spiratone Proxitel 200mm f/4



EF - Electronic Focus (Autofocus) EF-S - For crop sensor cameras (Smaller image circle) L - All-inclusive term denoting the highest technology is used in these lenses. Canon says it stands for Luxury. MP-E - MacroPhoto (...Only one lens has this acronym, 65mm, and it goes beyond 1:1 reproduction ratio to 5:1 so perhaps the E is for Extra?) USM - UltraSonic Motor (Built-in motor for faster AF)

Canon EF 50mm f/2.8
Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM
Canon EF 60mm f/2.8 MP-E USM
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L USM
Canon EF 180mm f/3.5L USM

MINOLTA (Maxxum mount)

AF - Autofocus

Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f/2.8 1:1
Minolta Maxxum AF 100mm f/2.8


AF - Autofocus AF-S - Autofocus Silent Wave Motor D - Distance Chipped (Improved metering) DX - For crop sensor cameras (Smaller image circle) ED - Extra-low Dispersion glass G - Gelded (No manual aperture control) VR - Vibration Reduction MORE INFO on Nikon nomenclature

AF Nikon Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8
AF-S Nikon Micro-Nikkor 40mm f/2.8G DX
PC-E Nikon Micro-Nikkor 45mm f/2.8D ED
AF Nikon Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8
AF Nikon Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D
AF-S Nikon Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED
AF-S Nikon Micro-Nikkor 85mm f/3.5G VR DX
PC-E Nikon Micro-Nikkor 85mm f/2.8D
AF Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8
AF Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D
AF-S Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G VR
AF Nikon Micro-Nikkor 70-180mm f/4.5-5.6D ED
AF Nikon Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D ED


PENTAX (K-mount)

K - Original K-mount M - K-series but smaller and lighter  A - M-series with "A" setting F - supports Autofocus FA - better AF support FAJ - No manual aperture ring DA - For crop sensor cameras (Smaller image circle) D FA - optics optimized for digital and film DA L - Like DA but lighter construction * - Uses special-glass elements ED - Extra-low Dispersion glass IF - Internal Focus WR - Weather Resistant MORE INFO on Pentax nomenclature

Pentax 30mm f/2.8 DA
Pentax-F 50mm f/2.8
Pentax-FA 50mm f/2.8
Pentax-D FA 50mm f/2.8
Pentax-F 100mm f/2.8
Pentax-FA 100mm f/2.8
Pentax-D FA 100mm f/2.8
Pentax-FA 100mm f/3.5 (Cosina)
Pentax 100mm f/2.8 WR D
Pentax-FA* 200mm f/4 ED-IF


Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC

Quantaray 50mm f/2.8

Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG

Tamron 60mm f/2 Di II

Sigma 70mm f/2.8 EX DG

Sigma 90mm f/2.8 AF [mv]

Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di 1:1 [mv]

Quantaray 90mm f/2.8 AF Tech-10

Cosina 100mm f/3.5 AF ******
Vivitar 100mm f/3.5 AF ******
Phoenix 100mm f/3.5 AF ******
Promaster 100mm f/3.5 AF ******
Tokina 100mm f/3.5 AF ******

Tokina 100mm AT-X M100AF f/2.8 1:2

Tokina 100mm AT-X Pro f/2.8 1:1

Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG

Sigma 150mm f/2.8 EX APO HSM

Sigma 180mm f/3.5 EX APO Macro HSM

I have surely missed quite a few lenses but I will continue to update this page.