Saturday, September 19, 2009

Enjoying the Afternoon: Some Tests with CHDK

Enjoying the Last Remnants of Summer from David Kovaluk on Vimeo.

So this afternoon was incredible outside. Having nothing pressing to do today, I decided to go out and give this CHDK intervalometer a go. It took some toying around and understanding how to get the setup to work without using the rear display (because that thing tears through batteries) but I think I got something to start with! I shot everything on the Canon G9 (shot through one of those auxiliary fisheyes!), using the CHDK intervalometer as medium jpegs. I then imported them to the computer via Nikon Transfer software (Its what happens to be on this computer). Then put all the jpegs into iMovie, set each frame time to a tenth of a second and saved...voila!

I'm going to skip all the technical jargon this evening and let things be as they are. I posted this videos on vimeo. Enjoy!

Sunrise Test using Canon G9 with CHDK Intervalometer from David Kovaluk on Vimeo.

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