Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Vivitar Macro Progression

I actually just found an excellent write up on the differences between the Vivitar macro lenses as well as perhaps some of the reasoning for the various manufacturers and labels. Now currently I can neither confirm or deny any of these explanations and most likely find them just as interesting as you! Certainly, if you have any further insight feel free to share! The information below was found here:

A member, Lewtwo, posted this (requoted from a fellow called "Boggy" of the Kiron-Klub forums of yahoo here: which is perhaps the progression of the Vivitar macros:

- Vivitar 90mm 2.5 Series 1 was made by Tokina, followed by
- Vivitar 90mm 2.8 produced by Komine, followed by
- Vivitar 90mm 2.5 uprated version of #2, produced by Komine, followed by

- Vivitar 100mm 2.8 produced by Kino, modified version of the Kiron 105mm f/2.8 Macro, followed by
- Vivitar 105mm 2.5 Series 1 uprated version of the above, also produced by Kino

and that the Komine produced Vivitar 90/2.5 served as base model for the 1:1 derivates like Elicar, Rokunar and Soligor

additional info on later request: approx. production periods for these lenses

- Tokina made 90mm f/2.5 1976-78
- Komine made 90mm f/2.8 1977-79
- Komine made 90mm f/2.5 1980-83
- Kino made 100mm f/2.8 1985-87
- Kino made 105mm f/2.5 1987-9?

More to come!

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