Monday, October 18, 2010

Entrepreneurial Spirit = @#$çß@! Others

I typically don't post rants or raves but I have just had it with people in this world. And since this is completely relevant to the photo world, why not.

The new Nikon D7000 has just been released and while it is in high demand, it is also in short supply. Actually I have found they are available at my local stores but I have read people are having trouble getting them around the country. Amazon has reportedly sent out e-mails notifying pre-order customers of their delayed deliveries.

And as with so many other times in America, when demand goes up for anything, no matter how trivial, the "Land of Opportunity" becomes the "Land of Opportunists". People rush out to get their hands on whatever the craze is. Grown adults in a frenzy over 3-5 year old's toys, even when they themselves haven't any kids that age, or at all! Why? So they can turn around and rip the #%$#@ out of their neighbor. I'm sick of it. It is this attitude of greed and selfishness that permeates throughout our society and ultimately will be the end of us.

After having EARNed money to acquire and create with these wonderful new tools of the trade photographers, artists, creators now sit empty-handed and waiting because people who literally have NO interest in photography are snatching the inventory and marking up the prices to get their "piece" of the sale. Scum. Really, these people are scum. I can understand vintage items and antiques having ambiguous values due to sentiment and rarity. But to see something come off the line, with a clear MSRP, be sold for hundreds more simply because people may pay it...That is awful. I feel like personally messaging each and every seller of these cameras just to tell them they are sick opportunists who give humanity a bad name. It's that big of a deal to me. This would be a totally different story if the prices on eBay were the same as MSRP. Then we can talk about "turns out I don't need this camera". But we all know what's going on.

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  1. It's just like when all those people in ID at CIA waited in line for hours to try to buy a Playstation to sell on Craigslist... it's logically capitalistic but morally questionable. Where a retail store earns it's cut from buying inventory, shipping it to locations, and offering customer service, an "entrpreneur" does nothing but take advantage of the consumer.