Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Business Cards!

Wow, so it has been a good while since I last posted here. Hit a bit of a rough patch this past month so things have been hectic. I have been pushing to get this review of the Nikon 50-300mm f/4.5 *ED AiS out but I just haven't been able to make it happen. Instead, I have been working on redesigning some new business cards and retooling my logo and overall look (I have a beard now too). Here are the most recent drafts!



If you still don't get what the icon is (other than hopefully the immediate image of a camera you see, it also is supposed to more-than-vaguely resemble a "dk"). Hey-Oh! Now you see it? well...leave me comment then!

Previous Logo

It's definitely better than my previous logo which was a simple monogram of "DK" in a signature-esque style. My "D" is spot-on from my signature. The "K" just works as an inverse.

This is still only in the draft phase. I may be simplifying the logo a tad more but I work best when I take a break, come back with fresh eyes, and critique. Comments are welcome though!


  1. Nice I like it :)
    Happened to accidentally wander in here and I must thank you for the making of this little gold mine. /Chris

    Im now eyeing which of these old gems I can get a hold of...

  2. Chris -

    Haha thank you and yes these lenses can become quite an addiction! Be careful!

  3. I really like what you did to the back of the card. The lens works well. The detailed background is awesome!

  4. like the idea and the design..thanks for sharing it as i might need when design my own plastic business cards..thanks for sharing it.