Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Generation Campagnolo Vento Clincher Rims (20 Spoke)

In my traipsing around the web, searching for information about Columbus TSX, I noticed a lot of the 8-speed 1990's bikes, which were built with TSX, sported a distinct wheelset. The deep-V campagnolo Ventos and Shamals. While I am typically not into restoring things historically, I am not one to shy away from good design. I simply love how these wheels look. 

Pictured, are what I believe to be the first generation Ventos which had 20-spokes. Later versions, annotated with HPW-16 and HPW-12s, had 16 and 12 spokes respectively. Aesthetically, I prefer the decals of these earlier versions. Simple, black. Later iterations appear with purple/magenta graphics and sometimes with blue lettering. Oi.

I will have more review after some more riding! I think it is safe to say, there are plenty more, technologically advanced options in terms of wheels, but as can be seen from the rest of this build, an advanced, light build, is simply not the goal here. The ride is sweet though!!


  1. This is a beautiful bike. Simply stunning. When I build my Bianchi I'm doing it just like this.

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