Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tokina Macro Extender and Vivitar Series 1 105mm FOR SALE!

**Vivitar 105mm SOLD**
Tokina Extender is combined with the Vivitar Series 1 90mm BOKINA in a NEW AUCTION

Feel free to click the images for a closer look. These are the unaltered shots save for some curves and saturation of each lens. The Vivitar is in excellent condition with some minor cosmetics, optically excellent+! The tokina suffers some sort of blemishing on the anodized coating but optically is sound.

I have just listed a couple items on eBay that I have used here on this blog. Not only will the sale hopefully finance the remainder of my Vivitar Series 1 90mm "Bokina", but I also just got the opportunity to pick up a Kiron 105mm f/2.5 with the box! That said, some things must go! As much as I would love to keep every piece of equipment I buy (unless it is no good) I simply cannot! In the end I will break even (That's in case my girlfriend is reading this...). I'll have to write up something on women (non-photographers) and camera equipment, it's an interesting thing!

Take a look and feel free to shoot me any questions you might have!

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